How Key Is Promotional Merchandise for Increased Brand Awareness?

How Key Is Promotional Merchandise for Increased Brand Awareness?

What is the reaction rate to promotional products? Research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) strongly supports evidence of a direct correlation between the use of promotional products and brand recognition, leading to greater sales.

In the BPMA’s study

  • 66% of people  said they could recall a brand for which they had received promotional products in the past 12 months
  • 79% said they would be likely to do business with the company concerned again.


“According to the BPMA, the return on investment from promotional items is greater than that of radio or outdoor advertising, and equal to television or print advertising,” states Chris Rigby of Invogue Incentives.

“Promotional products work, but like any form of marketing, they need something to differentiate them to maximise their effectiveness,” suggests Chris. 


Bespokeness Brings Brands to Life

“People underestimate the value of usefulness,” says Chris. “Merchandise on a smaller scale that has a use, even items such as keyrings and pens, can uniquely convey a message.”

“Alongside this usefulness is the potency of making a promotional item bespoke to a brand, especially in the context of a launch event,” Chris emphasises.


“Where your launch may be for something quite big, in marketing terms at least, it can be the smaller things, the details, that resonate with your audience”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


The promotional merchandise that accompanies a product launch event, where it is bespoke to it, can add an extra quality of memorability and audience engagement to it.

“If it appears that you’ve really thought things through, that the supporting promotional merchandise dovetails with both your brand and your audience, then it can carry a powerful resonance,” Chris states.


Added Impact

Branded promotional merchandise can, quite literally, put a brand in front of its customers before they have bought anything.

“Again, think of usefulness, of the ubiquity of a promotional items that ends up in the homes of your audience, or on their workplace desks, where they see it every day,” offers Chris.

Chris suggests that brands and their marketers should go the extra mile with promotional items to help develop customer loyalty with unexpected gifts.


“Imagine the wow factor you can generate with the right kind of merchandise that’s bespoke to your brand. You’re giving something that has a physical presence, that, if customised, can have a higher perceived value

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“This can say something very powerful about your brand and its values,” suggest Chris.

“It is the combined usefulness and uniqueness of bespoke promotional merchandise that can make it such an effective marketing tool, with a solid return on investment,” concludes Chris.

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