What’s Your Telemarketing Strategy for Sales Growth?

What’s Your Telemarketing Strategy for Sales Growth?

Your business probably has the people and tools in place to react to new leads and inbound enquiries. But you might lack an actual strategy for getting those conversations in the first place that generate new leads and enquiries.

This can be a gaping hole in your sales funnel that you don’t even realise exists. And it can have a negative impact on your –

  • Volume of new leads an enquiries
  • Sales team’s productivity

The missing link is that all-important conversation starter with existing clients and new prospects.

You Have to Be in It to Win It

“Think of it in the same way as face-to-face networking or website marketing”, says Paula Bates, Managing Director at Toucan Telemarketing. . “You undertake these activities to tell people what you do. The same principle applies to telemarketing.”

Toucan Telemarketing provides this middle-man service by putting businesses in front of their target audiences. It undertakes appointment setting, the promotion of new products or services, exhibition follow up, or whatever project type meets a business’s objectives.

“We act as a conversation starter between our clients and their prospects,” Paula explains. “The key is ringing bells, because many clients don’t have a strategy for doing it themselves. So, how are they going to find prospects to shout about how wonderful they are?”.

Making outsourced telemarketing part of your sales strategy can also provide the supercharge your sales team needs.

Freeing Up Your Sales Team to Do Their Thing

There’s a giant difference between prospecting and selling that you might not know or understand. It’s why sales people can become disillusioned and disengaged. They don’t have any solid foundations to build on. But they’re up against expectations to start reeling business in.

“Sales teams should be concentrating on business development and sales, “continues Paula. “Not on prospecting. It can be soul destroying for experienced sales people finding themselves having to try and generate leads.

“When you make the strategic decision to outsource your telemarketing to a reputable service provider, you’re freeing your sales people up to have conversations with qualified leads. That’s the gap we plug, by finding those people who are interested in your products and services.”

It’s a powerful way to ensure your sales people are getting in front of more quality leads and hotter quality leads, rather than leaving them scratching around from cold for themselves. What’s your led generation strategy looking like this year? Does it include internal or external telemarketing?Are you interested in outsourced telemarketing, but concerned about how your business will be represented?

Contact Paula Bates from Toucan Telemarketing at paula@toucantelemarketing.co.uk in either scenario, to find out how she can help you get the optimum best out of your sales team.

A friendly and accomplished copywriter and content creator based in Manchester, Judith Rafferty initially mastered her craft during a longstanding successful sales and marketing career with several market leading high street restaurant and bar brands. She now specialises in digital marketing and conversion copy for a vast range of SME and larger corporate businesses.