Can Branded Gifts Hit the Subliminal Sweet Spot?

Can Branded Gifts Hit the Subliminal Sweet Spot?

To paraphrase Sigmund Freud, sometimes a pen is just a pen. But sometimes a pen is more than a pen, it is marketing content.  Pens are a popular corporate giveaway and such branded gifts have a strategic marketing role to play. They are subtly powerful means of increasing the visibility of your brand.

Chris Rigby, Managing Director at Invogue Incentives, talks about the marketing power of branded gifts, and how, in a digital world, businesses should not underestimate the power of physical marketing content.


Investing in Visibility

“Modern marketing is not just digital. Businesses shouldn’t disregard more traditional marketing channels, because they still work in ways that digital marketing can’t.”

Marketing is pivotal in raising visibility. Many of the tried and tested tools for raising brand awareness continue to be relevant.”

“Consider branded gifts. The pen, for instance. It seems such a humble object, but pens get everywhere, and they are inherently useful.”


“While a branded pen may seem like a standard corporate giveaway, it is still playing a vital, if relatively unsung, marketing role”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“Another popular corporate gift is the branded USB stick. Again, it’s inherently useful, and portable, with the added advantage that you can also pre-load it with a promotional message. Branded gifts can work their way into people’s consciousness by simply being there.”


Levering Your Launch

“A branded gift is not just a souvenir of an event.”


“If you’re launching a new product or service, or a business venture, then you want to be able to give something to your audience which will remind them of you”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“The versatility of digital print and other means of branding, such as embroidery and embossing, means that you can be inventive with your corporate gifts, and tie them in very specifically to whatever it is you’re launching.”


The Tactical Takeaway

“If you’re exhibiting and raising your business profile at an event, what incentives can you offer attendees to help them remember your brand?”

Follow-ups are an essential part of any engagement at a business expo, and to help these along, give away branded items. Make your brand stick in people’s minds. It’s also about the long-term, subliminal impact you want to make, so that even if you don’t generate immediate leads, you’re creating some sort of presence for yourself and raising awareness of what you can offer.”


Incentivise Your Brand Ambassadors

“Your employees are a crucial asset. Your brand building should not be restricted to outward-facing marketing activity.”


“Help your employees to buy into you by offering them rewards in the form of corporate gifts”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“The right kind of rewards help reinforce the culture of your brand, which in turn can help your employees become brand ambassadors for you, spreading the news about the benefits you offer as an employer. You can positively reinforce your brand visibility this way.”

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