Could your Brand be more ‘Made to Measure’?

Could your Brand be more ‘Made to Measure’?

To build a brand you must increase awareness of it.  And this means looking at ways to make it memorable.

Storytelling is an important part of this. If you can create a powerful narrative around a brand, it encourages people not just to buy it, but to buy into it. Stories need a strong supporting cast of characters and props and visual guides to carry them along, to make them more memorable.

This, as Chris Rigby of Invogue Incentives explains, is how bespoke promotional merchandise can work for brands.

“What tangibility can you bring to your brand to promote it?” Chris asks. “An example is the launch, where you want to find ways to cement the whole thing in the minds of your audience.”


An Eye for Detail

“Think of a major television drama, or film. The story itself may be strong and compelling, the lead characters engaging and charismatic, but the supporting cast is as crucial, as are its scenes and settings,” he says.


“While the official launch for a new product, or service, might be the grand narrative – the main event – there is a host of other activity that supports it”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“There are the smaller details that help bring the bigger story to life, that linger in the minds of the audience, that get endlessly talked about afterwards,” Chris points out.

“They don’t give out Academy Awards for makeup and costumes for nothing,” Chris observes. “These things really do count in the wider scheme of things.”

In the world of promotional events and launch parties, promotional merchandise plays an essential supporting role.

“They aren’t the main event, but they offer crucial marketing support to make the whole thing more memorable,” says Chris. “They are a physical reminder to the audience of what they’re attending, and something to take away with them.”


Made to Measure

“Bespokeness is the extra ingredient to boost the promotional power of your supporting merchandise,” Chris advises. “It’s that extra layer of detail which shows your audience that you’ve thought everything through. It flatters them.”


“Bespoke promotional merchandise must be absolutely on-brand – appropriate in tone and quality to what they are supporting”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“When you think of tailoring, you think of quality that goes beyond what you’re simply buying off the shelf,” Chris advises. “This same notion of quality applies to your made to measure promotional gifts. They are there to help you tell the story of your brand.”

“Make a strategic decision to have bespoke promotional merchandise,” concludes Chris, “and make it the right decision for your launch event or branding exercise.”

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