Manufacturing: What is a Key to Raising Awareness?

Manufacturing: What is a Key to Raising Awareness?

What do manufacturers need? They want to raise awareness of what they can offer, and they need an effective means of marketing themselves. They want to be in touch with potential customers and investors for both their products and capabilities.

Manufacturers are looking for routes to market and ways of putting themselves on the map.

Chris Rigby, of Invogue Incentives, talks about why exhibitions and trade shows are essential in gaining manufacturers greater exposure.


Looking for Visibility

“Manufacturers are not always household names. In fact, manufacturing, with many small, innovative manufacturers makes a valued contributions to the economy despite this fact.”

They may be innovators in industry, or providing essential prototyping and support services for a whole range of other businesses.

“The question for them is how they market themselves.  What they produce may be incredibly useful, but it’s a matter of how they reach out to potential customers and investors,” explains Chris.

This is where the trade show or exhibition can prove to be a game-changer.


“A trade show can provide manufacturers with instant visibility and establishing a physical presence which can then resonate”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“It provides a platform for meeting new prospects, for consolidating existing business, and for explaining the benefits of what you produce face to face,” says Chris.


You, the Supplier

Fairs, exhibitions and trade shows often attract visitors and exhibitors from around the world.

“You can potentially tap into a broad market, both nationally and globally,” suggests Chris.  “You can establish a rapport with potential clients who are on the lookout for new suppliers.”

Many potential investors and entrepreneurs attend these events to identify market trends, explore product availability and just to see what is out there.

“Attendees range from fledgling businesses to experienced operators looking to expand or refresh their supplier base. As such, exhibitions represent a huge marketing opportunity for manufacturing.”


Marketing Yourself

“Obviously, it’s not simply a case of turning up on the day without the necessary support,” warns Chris.  Alongside exhibition branding, it makes sense to consider what memorable merchandise you can distribute to visitors to your stand.”


“While, to some extent, a product may speak for itself, it is vital to establish a vivid presence at an event, and to ensure that people attending take something away with them that will make them remember you”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“This is especially true where you might be manufacturing something that’s not inherently glamorous, but is nevertheless essential. Think of promotional merchandise as your support material. Something to stick in people’s minds.”

Manufacturers may find a ready sales platform for themselves in exhibitions and trade events, but bolstering their presence and extending their influence are things they cannot afford to neglect.

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