How Could You Improve Your Business Prospecting?

How Could You Improve Your Business Prospecting?

How are you competing for the attention of potential prospects?

In January 1848, the California Gold Rush began, bringing around 300,000 people to the state in a frantic scramble for gold.  At first, many of these prospectors used simple techniques, such as panning, to extract gold from riverbeds and streams. Later, gold mining technology became more sophisticated, recovering gold worth billions (in today’s money).

Ultimately, while many pursued the prize, only a relative few came away with significant riches.  Does this sound familiar?

As David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing, explains, "Business prospecting can seem like a rush, where everyone is after the same prize, but are stuck using primitive techniques."

"Are you somewhere midstream, panning along with the competition?" asks David.  "What if you could strike a richer seam by using dynamic content marketing methods to drive your prospecting?"


Locating a Richer Seam

There’s gold in them hills!  There’s an audience out there, ready and receptive, but how do you make them sit up and take notice? How do you engage and connect with valuable business leads?


"You may follow the crowd, networking and communicating and trying to gain access to the people you regard as key decision-makers, but what if you could find a different route in, and one where you could partially pre-qualify your prospects?"

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


This is what great content can offer.

"Think of content marketing as a kind of alternative treasure map, creating milestones and markers along a route that leads to a reward at the end.  EXCEPT, you don’t use the map to find your prospects, but rather they use it to find you.


The Marketing Challenge

How could you make your prospecting more effective, so that you can beat the Gold Rush?  What if you could achieve your business goals by attracting the right target audience and building really useful and profitable relationships?

These questions and more were answered at M3 Media Publishing's recent, dynamic, Marketing Challenge event, at The St James's Club, in Central Manchester, which you can read about here.

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