Why is Delegate Data Key for Event Marketing Glory?

Why is Delegate Data Key for Event Marketing Glory?

Without sufficient data about delegates or potential prospects, marketing events are flying blind. Without data, marketers lack insight.

To gain data about target audiences and prospects, marketers must engage with them.  One form of engagement is inbound marketing – attracting, engaging and connecting with target audiences through content.

Marketing is most effective, however, when it combines various channels and methods, and outbound marketing still has a vital role to play.  One form of this is specialised B2B telemarketing.

Paula Bates, Managing Director of Toucan Telemarketing, explains how telemarketing can uniquely position itself to capture the data essential for effective event marketing.


Capturing Data

“The best way of finding out more about someone is to talk to them, or, more precisely, to let them do the talking. The same applies when it comes to business. If you engage someone in a dialogue, it leads to a better understanding of what their business is about.”

Events such as exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars and conferences offer opportunities to generate high quality sales opportunities, but only if they lay the proper foundations.

“Data is one of these foundations. Crucial to all marketing activity is knowing your audience, and for events, it is vital to know who your prospects are.”

What gives telemarketing the edge in capturing data for events?


“If you speak to people directly, it gives you the perfect platform to explain the event to them, answer any questions they have on the spot, then gauge their interest and work on boosting it”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing


Engaging prospects in dialogue helps nurture them in preparation for the event.  Also, ensuring the best possible experience prospects can have means understanding as much about them as possible in advance.

“Along with generating demand, you can make sure your data about attendees is accurate and help effectively manage registrations.”


Maximising the Potential of Data

The data that specialist B2B telemarketers gather for events is multi-purpose.

“By setting up that initial dialogue you’re already creating more marketing opportunities. You can find out where your prospects are in the buying process, even if it turns out they cannot attend the event itself. You can also use their feedback to refine and reshape your future marketing offers.”

Event marketing does not stop once the event arrives, and again, telemarketing plays a critical part.

Exhibitions and trade fairs bring in a measurable ROI if they demonstrate increased prospect engagement, solid lead generation and, ultimately, increased business activity and sales. Telemarketing provides support throughout this process, especially in following up prospects post-event.”

Toucan Telemarketing recently worked with Scapa, global supplier of adhesive-based products to healthcare and industrial markets, as part of a product launch in Dusseldorf.


“I was really impressed with the team at Toucan Telemarketing.  Having set them a multi-dimensional challenge in a complex pan-European market, they delivered”

Jeff Tate, Global Market Manager – Cable Materials, Scapa UK


“Their calls brought visitors to our exhibition stand and, if they didn’t, they secured leads for my new products anyway,” Jeff continues.  “We already have solid business from their work.”

“We provided essential support and generated demand for Scapa,” concludes Paula.  “In doing so, we extended Scapa’s marketing reach beyond the event and their product launch.”

To discover how Toucan Telemarketing can play a vital role in the success of your next trade fair or exhibition, please call 01260 294444 or visit toucantelemarketing.co.uk.

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