How Potent are Experiential Events? Interview with Barry McTierney

How Potent are Experiential Events? Interview with Barry McTierney

The growth of online activity means that there is a virtual bombardment of marketing material and messages aimed at users. Consequently, it is vital that brands look at different channels for reaching target audiences; and that they appreciate that these audiences are open to new experiences when it comes to marketing.  One such alternative is events.

When marketers want to deliver their key messages, doing it in person can succeed where other channels are too crowded, and therefore less effective.

Here event management specialist, Barry McTierney of Right Events talks about the potential, and potency, of experiential marketing.


Why is Engagement a Challenge?

“It’s a paradox. While more and more people are connected, and therefore a potential audience, they’re potentially harder to reach because of the sheer amount of marketing material that they experience. They’re becoming defensive.”

“A marketing message only has the briefest of moments to do its job and engage, otherwise your target will swiftly move on”


“Customers want more than a service, they want an experience

Barry McTierney, Right Events


“Consumers and customers have developed a greater level of sophistication, so your marketing message must somehow make its appeal more personal”


Appealing to the Brand Savvy

“There’s a whole generation who’ve grown up with the internet and who are very brand-savvy. These millennials want new experience and exposure to the latest things. They like the idea of the event that’s tailored to fit their desires and needs.

“Context is hugely important. Choose the right experience to promote your brand and you reach that audience.

Barry McTierney Right Events

Barry McTierney

“This is a form of brand integration. You’re finding, or creating, a suitable environment to attract your target audience, in which you can market your message. The event becomes the platform on which you can showcase your brand.”


Marketing Your Authenticity

“It’s not contradictory to consider the staged event as an opportunity to market your authenticity to your target audience. This is because the emphasis is on the experience and how your audience interacts with the brand you’re promoting.

“If your using the event as an opportunity to empathise with your audience, then it’s how you can establish, or consolidate, your brand’s credentials, and its credibility.”

“No single marketing channel needs to be exclusive.”


“The experiential event should form a part of your overall strategy. It works as a means of connecting with your audience, rather than just building brand awareness or selling to them.”

Barry McTierney, Right Events


“Furthermore, your event creates content for you to share on social media, further extending its lifespan as a marketing opportunity.

“Think in terms of video and how you can encourage and record reactions and feedback that you can then use to extend your marketing reach.”

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