How Valuable is a Content Strategy for Law Firms?

How Valuable is a Content Strategy for Law Firms?

There are three main issues for a law firm when it comes to content:

  1. Getting it right
  2. Understanding how it should work in relation to the firm’s website
  3. Having the resources to create it


Lucy Atkins is the Creative Director at Infused Media, who specialise in marketing for law firms.  Marketing Aspects Magazine spoke with her, to address these issues.


Getting Your Content Strategy Right

“The key to creating successful content is being clear from the outset who it is for,” explains Lucy.

“Through your content strategy you will determine each customer’s needs to create the kind of content that will keep them informed and give them something of value,” says Lucy.


“People are searching online for answers, so you want your content to align with their questions, to show you’re in tune with their issues and pains”

Lucy Atkins, Infused Media


“It is vital to avoid legal jargon,” Lucy warns.  “It is too easy a mistake for legal professionals to make, falling back on terms and phrases to which they are familiar, but their clients are not.”

There are plenty of common legal phrases, some in Latin, which, though lawyers commonly use them, are likely to confuse potential clients,” cautions Lucy. “Remember, you’re trying to attract with your content, and if it confuses, your audience will look for answers elsewhere.”

Another aspect of content is empathy. To be effective, it should be conversational rather than coolly professional, yet still contain the value that target audiences seek.


“Try and personalise your legal service. Publish content from individual lawyers to give your firm a human face and look to open a dialogue with your prospects and clients through it, particularly by sharing it on social media”

Lucy Atkins, Infused Media


Lucy also emphasises that content need not restrict itself to writing.

“Videos are a very powerful, immediate way of connecting with your target audience. You can post them on your website and distribute and share them through social media channels.”


Content and Websites

“A legal firm’s website should stick to a content strategy, while also being a dynamic marketing tool,” suggests Lucy.  “This means keeping it refreshed with new content, including any news relevant to prospects and clients.”


“Your website must provide a useful portal for people to use to open lines of communication and seek help, and be the anchor point or home base for the content that law firm distributes more widely”

Lucy Atkins, Infused Media


“Be clear about your website’s content and its call to action,” Lucy advises. “It should be driving people to your site, so the site itself must then provide them with what they need, whether this is a clear line of contact, or clarification about key issues.”


Resources for Content Creation

This can be the sticking point for many lawyers, having the time to devote to regular, quality content creation, while weighing up the cost-effectiveness of doing so.

“If you haven’t the time, or deem it not cost-effective, outsource it,” Lucy advises.

“Your content doesn’t need to contain legal jargon and technicalities, as it just needs to attract, engage and connect by addressing your target audience’s pain points,” concludes Lucy.  “Brief a professional writer and they can do the rest.”

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