Food Festivals, Niche Brands and the Impact of Video Marketing

Food Festivals, Niche Brands and the Impact of Video Marketing

There has been a huge rise in the numbers of UK food and drink festivals held over the past few years. They provide an excellent opportunity for consumers to experience a range of different produce, and for specialist brands to showcase their offerings.

Video marketing is ideally suited to these events and, in so doing, marketing the food and drink brands that use them to promote their own niche products.


The Rise of the Niche

Just as with UK manufacturing, many of the success stories of food and drink producers are about those who spot a niche they can occupy.

For example, there has been a notable rise in the number of independent distilleries across the UK:

  • There were 45 new ones registered in 2016, and a further rise of 17% in 2017
  • In total, the number has more than doubled since 2010, up 135%
  • Sales have passed the £1 billion mark


“There is a clear proportion of the drinks industry now focused on quality over quantity,” observes Pete Crouch, Managing Director of Liquid Studios. “This includes gin, vodka and whisky, alongside craft ales and ciders.”

“Similarly, the organic food market has expanded massively, with food sales nearly reaching £2 billion in 2016,” continues Pete.  “The organic sector is booming, with many niche food brands thriving on the back of it.”

“These independent, specialist brands are looking for ways to reach a wider customer-base and market themselves,” Pete says. “Food and drink festivals provide the physical platform to do so, where they can be instantly in front of consumers and create a word of mouth buzz.”


Festivals must promote themselves effectively to attract the audiences and sell the quantities of tickets they need to be successful. This is where video can play such a vital role”

Pete Crouch, Liquid Studios


Capturing the Experience

Food and drink is popular on social media, because it lends itself so well to imagery,” Pete says. “Therefore, it makes sense for food and drink festivals to use video marketing to promote themselves.”

This might be a case of using filmed footage of previous events, but it can also mean interviewing people and showcasing some of the products that will be displayed and sold there.


“Video is an excellent marketing tool because you can use it to build anticipation and promote the event, but also document the event itself for use in further promotional activity”

Pete Crouch, Liquid Studios


This extends to the specialist food and drink brands that will be selling there.

“There is a whole generation of digital-savvy consumers who value experiences as much as products,” concludes Pete. “Marketing your festival effectively means plugging into this ethos, while also providing an ideal platform for promoting niche food and drink products.”

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