Video: How Effective is Your Strategy? – Interview With Pete Crouch

Video: How Effective is Your Strategy? – Interview With Pete Crouch

Jumping aboard the perceived video bandwagon might seem logical to many businesses.  After all, there is plenty of information pointing towards it being the future for content marketing.

However, at a fundamental level, video is another marketing tool, and it can only be as effective as the strategy behind it.

Pete Crouch, Managing Director of Liquid Studios, shares his thoughts about video, and how businesses can make the most of it.


Is Video the Future?

“Like any means of marketing communication, video is only truly effective if there’s a guiding principle behind, it. If you point and shoot without knowing why you’re doing it, or what you’re doing it for, then you won’t be maximising its effectiveness.”


“Some figures suggest that 92% of people watching mobile videos then share them with others across social media. The opportunity is clearly there, but reaching your audience requires planning”

Pete Crouch, Liquid Studios


Videos have the potential to go viral. This is obviously an attractive feature, but achieving it is far from simple. The viral nature of video is very audience-driven and directed. Your videos must click with its audience for them to share it.

“Video is one future, out of several, when it comes to marketing.”


The Whole Story

“Don’t think of video as a niche activity, but as part of a greater whole. The principle behind holistic marketing is that marketing itself cannot be a silo activity but should be at the forefront of business strategy. Similarly, video should integrate with an overarching marketing plan.

“Videography is incredibly versatile as a tool, working across sectors and sizes of business, from sole traders to limited companies. To fully utilise this versatility means first asking yourself why you want to use it.”


Decisions Drive Creativity

“Using videos for your brand means understanding its ethos first, and what your audience expects of it.”


“A compelling online video should last no longer than two minutes. Many of the most effective videos are much shorter than that. It’s the equivalent of a snapshot, but it must be fully loaded to make the maximum impact.”

Pete Crouch, Liquid Studios


“It’s like the tip of the iceberg, the small, gleaming white piece that’s visible, while the workings and the thought behind it are all hidden beneath the surface.”

“Lots of people now want a video embedded in their websites, because they know it can drive up SEO. However, the same principle applies: what’s the video for? You can’t use it to attract a bigger audience without it having something of value to say to them.

“Decide first, then make sure your decision is the driving factor behind everything that follows.”


Multi-disciplinary Benefits

“Video is one part of our service. It draws on other marketing-related disciplines we practice, such as design and branding, and PR and marketing. We always see videography through the prism of a wider marketing approach, where we can keep cross-referencing to ensure whatever we do is the right fit.”

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