Joanne Parker Finds us the Key to Video Marketing

Joanne Parker Finds us the Key to Video Marketing

The statistics for online video show that it has continued to grow massively in popularity. Bloomberg reports that 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform. In the near future, two-thirds of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies, according to Nielsen.

However, for smaller businesses, how feasible is video marketing as a tool, and for any size of enterprise, how do they ensure video will work effectively for them?

Joanne Parker, head of post-production at Blue Caribou Productions, talks us through these issues.


Bespoke for Business

HubSpot has published statistics reporting that 90% of customers think that product videos help them make a buying decision. Furthermore, embedding videos on landing pages can mean an 80% increase in conversion rates.

“On the one hand, this is good news for anyone considering video marketing as a strategy, but on the other, it puts pressure on smaller businesses to come up with video content.”

The answer, according to Joanne, is to make video creation and production a bespoke service.


“Not everyone has the same resources when it comes to marketing in general, and video specifically, but even on a fairly tight budget, in the right hands, video can still be very effective

Joanne Parker, Blue Caribou Productions


“Video’s universality and immediacy means it can punch above its weight when it comes to making an impact on target audiences.  YouTube reports that mobile video consumption is growing 100% each year. Video is hugely consumable and accessible to people.”

But, as Joanne cautions, businesses should not take success for granted. As with other forms of content marketing, video requires a well thought out, strategic approach to brand storytelling.


What is the Right Process?

“In one sense, video can be too easy. There’s an epidemic of DIY online videos that are missing the mark completely.”

Video is a marketing tool, but like any tool, it requires the right application and use to be truly effective.

“It’s about understanding your strategic goals, and how video can help you achieve them. It means integrating video into your business objectives as part of a marketing plan, not simply bolting it on because you know it’s a popular format.”

Online video marketing is a process, and while the physical shoot itself and post-production are vital elements in this process, so is pre-production, as Joanne explains.


Businesses should be telling their story on video, but this should be consistent with their brand identity and values, and appropriate to their objectives, therefore, the planning stage is crucial”

Joanne Parker, Blue Caribou Productions


The process of planning video content can also help businesses gain greater clarity about their own identity and aims.

“It can be a question of perspective. By asking people what they want from an online video for their brand, it helps highlight certain issues for them, around what their business stands for and who they are aiming at.”


Extending the Lifecycle of Content

“You should treat video as an investment. This means shaping it in such a way that it becomes evergreen content. We can shoot enough original material for our individual clients to create their own unique bank of footage to draw on. We can then re-edit their footage for them to re-use and re-purpose.”

Rather than focusing on the quick hit of a viral video, evergreen video content offers a different kind of return on investment by remaining vibrant for a longer period.

“This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore all the options with video, of course, but in the end it’s about what works effectively for you.”

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