Will Live Chat Increase Website Visitor Success?

Will Live Chat Increase Website Visitor Success?

Live chat is transforming how businesses interact with their customers online. It provides greater opportunities for discovering customers’ pain points, and resolving their problems quickly.

“While the quality of what product or service you offer is the thing that determines your success, how you look after your customers is also critical,” comments Russell Mills of Chat Heroes.

What live chat offers, in addition to a competitive advantage through enhancing customer service, is the potential for reaching out to more prospects and customers and forming stronger bonds with them.


“Whereas people can reach you instantly, live chat gives you the potential for proactive outreach, whereby you can contact your customers”

Russell Mills, Chat Heroes


Extending Your Market

Having a website on its own is not a guarantee that people will feel comfortable placing orders with you using it.

“You could see it as a paradox, that at the same time you have the means to expand your reach, it involves a more remote connection with your customers,” Russell suggests. “However, live chat resolves this, because it helps put trust into your transactions.”

Embedding chat on your site means you can treat all enquiries equally, and diligently, including international customers.

“It’s to do with accessibility and availability,” says Russell, “However geographically removed your customers are, they can still receive the same level of focused, customer attention. They can contact you instantly to arrange orders or discuss issues.”


Your Proactive Outreach

“What if, when a customer visits your site, you could start the conversation, rather than simply respond to them?” Russell asks.

Live chat gives customers the option to click to engage, but systems also allow chat agents to do the same.


“Using advanced monitoring and tracking features, our live chat platform can alert agents when visitors arrive, and provide the necessary data to initiate the conversation”

Russell Mills, Chat Heroes


Depending on how you configure the system for your business website, live chat can send conversation requests automatically or manually, engaging visitors and offering them help in finding the information they require.

“It’s like a virtual shop assistant and customer services advisor rolled into one,” Russell offers, “except that behind the digital interaction is a real operative, asking real questions and responding on an individual basis to customer queries.”

Initiating proactive chat works in the same way that a well-trained employee would when addressing a customer, and has the potential to convert more visitors who are browsing into confirmed buyers.

To discover how live chat can improve your website conversion, please call Chat Heroes on 0191 500 9788 or visit chatheroes.com.

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