Could You Improve Customer Communication During a Crisis?

Could You Improve Customer Communication During a Crisis?

We are living in unprecedented times and all of us are making significant adjustments to the way we live. This continues to be true in the business world, with many people’s livelihoods at stake, not just for business owners, but for their staff as well.

Whilst it’s certainly difficult for businesses to find ways of remaining competitive and keeping afloat, one of the challenges many companies face is customer communication.

“With lots of people self-isolating, and with non-essential workers being advised to stay home, many customer-service centres are left understaffed and ill-equipped for this new reality,” explains Paul Lawton, Commercial Director of Chat Heroes.

“Of course, keeping on top of customer service is only one of the issues companies are facing right now,” Paul continues. “Another pressing matter is generating new business, which is the the oxygen of any business.”

Good to Talk

“The service that Chat Heroes provides is about more than just giving customer support,” explains Paul. “By having a live chat box on the websites of our clients, customers believe that they’re talking directly to each company, and in a way – they are.”

“This kind of contact provides us with a great opportunity to develop new leads on behalf of our clients.”

“40-50% of the webchats we have, end up as new business leads”

Paul lawton, Chat Heroes

“This can really help fill any gaps that may occur from a drop in sales as a result of the current crisis,” suggests Paul.

“It is more important than ever for business owners to ensure that they are prepared for what is to come, by having an open channel of communication to assist customers and generate leads.”

“This offers another layer of insulation from the many difficult business scenarios we are experiencing now and for the foreseeable future,” Paul concludes.

Chat Heroes offers free 30-day trials or 100 free Web Chat Conversations to all businesses. 

To discover how they can improve your communication and lead generation in these challenging times, please call 0191 500 9788 or visit

About Chat Heroes

Paul Lawton first founded Chat Heroes, a company that offers UK-based web chat support for businesses, 5 years ago.

Since then they have become one of the leading service providers in the sector, working with prestigious organisations such as the North East England Chamber of Commerce, BNI UK and many other quality businesses.

“We absolutely couldn’t do without Chat Heroes at this time. Our clients are being looked after and all COVID-19 queries are being answered quickly and efficiently.

In short, Chat Heroes are playing a key part in helping to keep our business moving and in turn helping our clients and contacts through this worrying time and situation.”

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