Should Customer Service Mean Better Lead Generation?

Should Customer Service Mean Better Lead Generation?

Providing the right level of satisfaction to your customers is something that sells itself. In other words, customer service works as a powerful means of lead generation, providing you get it right.

“Lead generation is highly competitive,” comments Russell Mills of Chat Heroes, “and while various forms of digital marketing enable businesses to attract, engage an audience, and convert prospects, the market is increasingly saturated.”

What Russell points out is that businesses need to find ways of differentiating themselves, “They must stand out if they are to succeed,” he says, “and standing out online is not easy.”


Deeper Relationships

The better, and deeper, the relationship with the prospect, the more likely that they will convert into a customer. No one stays on a web page for long if it fails to engage them, so building a relationship with people who visit a site means making serious attempts to engage them.


“Marketing and customer service should work in harmony, to first draw in customers, and then to build relationships with them”

Russell Mills, Chat Heroes


“It’s not just about getting new customers through your marketing activity, but also consolidating what you have through engagement and showing them you care about them,” Russell says.

Customer service and marketing are mutually beneficial, and reciprocal. You can use customer reviews and testimonials to market yourself, and you can highlight key aspects of your customer service as a benefit of using your brand.


Customer Service and Content

The outreach qualities of content involve providing something of value to potential customers, to draw them to you. Customer service can become great content.

“The more help you provide to people, the more interactive your service is, the more material you gather that you can use to spread the news about what you do,” Russell says.

An increasingly important part of online customer service is live chat, which can be extremely effective in building customer loyalty, and helps increase sales conversions.


An American Marketing Association survey has found that live chat can help increase sales conversions by at least 20%. It also reports that customers who use live chat are three times more likely to buy than those who don’t”

Russell Mills, Chat Heroes


Customers appreciate having access to live chat, and they show this appreciation with return business, and by recommending online services and stores that use it to others.

“Your prospects want to have confidence in you to use your services or buy from you, and live chat helps them feel more confident,” Russell concludes.

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