M3 Media Publishing Affirms the Power of Storytelling

M3 Media Publishing Affirms the Power of Storytelling

M3 Media Publishing recently held another of its popular Marketing Challenge Workshop events in central Manchester.

The event took place in the comfortable surroundings of The St James’s Club, with attendees representing business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers and other professionals.

At the event, David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing and the Executive Editor of Marketing Aspects Magazine, gave an inspirational talk about harnessing the power of storytelling as a key marketing strategy.


Making the Effort

David outlined the benefits of developing a marketing strategy, and how this could work across a diverse range of businesses and industries.  He talked about the importance of content: how to define it and where to use it. He also emphasised the hard work it requires.

“Focus on the effort before the results,” David advises.  “Work at your marketing plan, and be prepared to continually adapt and alter it to meet changing circumstances and new developments.”

At the same time, David made it clear how achievable positive results, and impressive figures, could be, with the right strategy, and content, in place.


“People don’t buy without trust. Content helps to build that trust

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


“It’s not about direct selling, or going in hard. Rather, the approach is gentler, and subtler,” states David.


How Do Businesses Benefit from Stories?

As part of the workshop, content was the focus, with David explaining the benefits of storytelling for businesses.

“Telling stories that powerfully illustrate what you can do for others is an effective means of engaging with prospects,” explains David.  “Essentially, this is a means of capturing the essence of your brand in your own person, by using stories to describe actions that illustrate brand values.”


“Whether face to face, or using written or digital content, you become a brand of one, where the story you tell your audience is something they will find valuable, and will help them to remember you and how could can help”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


David emphasised that the structure of these stories should be stripped back, even minimal.

“You create intrigue by keeping it simple, but impactful,” state David.  “These stories can help encapsulate what your business is about, condensed narratives that attract interest, engage, and connect with others.”

To close the session, David challenged the workshop attendees to develop and share legacy stories of their own with the group.

Rowan Stone, Brand Marketing Consultant for the St James’s Club, had this to say about the M3 event, “It is great to be able to host events that bring Greater Manchester’s businesses together, and see how M3 Media Publishing provide them with inspiration and practical tools to improve and refine how they market themselves.”

To discover more about the Marketing Challenge Workshop, or to book onto the next event, please click here.

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