What is the True Value of Branded USB Sticks?

What is the True Value of Branded USB Sticks?

While technology rapidly advances, in the world of promotional items and business gifts, some devices display a surprising resilience in the face of change.

Branded USB sticks continue to meet business demands for promotional items, because they are both practical and durable. Furthermore, as Chris Rigby of Invogue Incentives explains, they are an extremely effective form of stealth marketing.


Why Are USB Sticks Popular?

“The mobility of technology has revolutionised how many people now work. People are used to having portable data easily to hand. USB flash drives remain a preferred choice for data portability.”

With the versatility and ubiquity of The Cloud, you could be forgiven for thinking that the days of the USB stick are numbered, if not already past.  However, these neat, compact devices are still widely used across the business spectrum and also carry considerable cultural weight.


“While the world is more interconnected than ever before, the USB flash drive remains one of the most efficient ways of sharing files”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“In pure technological terms, USB sticks are primitive, but they will work seamlessly and easily with any computer.”

In fact, the technology of USB drives dates back to the development of Microsoft’s BASIC programming system in 1977. This technology uses a primary data structure known as the FAT filesystem (FAT standing for File Allocation Table).

“USB sticks incorporate a version of FAT into how they work. And you can write large amounts of data much more quickly to or from a USB drive than across an internet connection. You don’t need an internet connection at all to transfer data between devices.”


Why Have Branded USB Sticks?

</h3“The USB stick has proven value. They’re conveniently portable for things like PowerPoint presentations, and when encrypted, they’re a secure means of storing data and documents. Consequently, they have a built-in advantage as promotional tools.”


“Anything of lasting value to a user is likely to be reused again and again, which means the lifecycle, of the branded promotional item is extended significantly, as is its potential visibility.”

Chris Rigby, Invogue Incentives


“It’s like a form of stealth marketing as you’re not overtly pushing your brand, but it’s there, in everyday form, for anyone to notice,” Chris concludes.  “It’s like a very physical form of content marketing, where the content isn’t on the USB stick, but is the stick itself.”

Being compatible with both 3G and 4G devices, USB drives offer convenience and instant access.  To discover their versatility, when it comes to branding and customising, please contact Invogue Incentives on 01772 751175 or visit invogue.co.uk.

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