Is Rebranding the Key to Unlocking Your Business Success?

Is Rebranding the Key to Unlocking Your Business Success?

Where do brands come from? Are they strategically conceived or do they evolve out of practical necessity?

For many SMEs, their business develops and changes, and is as much shaped by outside forces as their own planning.  This can mean that the brand they start out with no longer represents what they have become.

Mark Ross, branding expert and Managing & Creative Director of Glorious Creative, talks about the benefits of rebranding, and why it is a necessity not a luxury.


Strategic Rebranding

“In the same way that all business decisions should be based on clear and realistic objectives, so the decision to rebrand should come from sound strategic thinking.”

Businesses need to stay relevant, and in a fast-paced, digital-first world, keeping up can be demanding.

“Sometimes your brand identity very much reflects the time in which you first established it. It can be hard to see beyond your immediate concerns when you’re faced with the demands of launching your enterprise, and your brand may therefore be very much a product of its time.”

This is not simply about fashion or style.


“If a brand’s visual representation expresses a set of values that are fixed at a certain point in the past, it may appear outdated or inappropriate

Mark Ross, Glorious Creative


“Rebranding is a way of bringing your brand up to date with your business values and better aligning it to your audience’s expectations.”

“A rebrand will more accurately reflect where you are now, and where you’re heading.”


The Marketing Argument

As far as marketing and sales are concerned, a rebrand can be of lasting value to a company’s bottom line.

“The marketplace isn’t standing still, and what worked for you at one time, might be less effective now. SMEs can struggle to differentiate themselves, and a rebrand can offer a way and the means to do this.”

A brand should capture the essence of what makes a business stand out. It should help highlight its USP.


“Rebranding can help reshape your audience’s perception of who you are and what your business is all about”

Mark Ross, Glorious Creative


Similarly, from a sales and marketing perspective, rebranding can help businesses reach new audiences.

“Is your brand and its values in line with your demographic? The culture around you is constantly evolving and this can mean your audience’s tastes change, or that your brand could be appealing to new audiences altogether.”


“A rebrand can help reposition your business to appeal to a new set of potential prospects and help you increase the value of what you offers to enable you to charge more on the back of it”

Mark Ross, Glorious Creative


“Does your brand truly reflect the quality and value of what you offer or do? Rebranding offers the opportunity to set a new baseline for your prices, based on the impression you create.”


Aligning Brand with Values

Organisations, companies and businesses change. They develop other values and approaches, which can then mean they need to communicate a different core message to their audience.

“Approach it the right way, and rebranding is so much more than a cosmetic exercise, it’s an investment in your future,” concludes Mark.

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