Are Print Solutions the New Non-traditional Marketing?

Are Print Solutions the New Non-traditional Marketing?

In an information-defined world, where does print fit in? Certainly, the rise of digital communication has altered the way we look at print, sometimes literally, in terms of how we read some forms of text.  However, print solutions are far from dead in the digital age.

Last year, Waitrose claimed that print was its most effective advertising channel, as its media agency, reported.

Printweek has reported that print is still the consumer’s choice when it comes to reading, citing independent research where 84% of respondents agreed they retained information better when reading printed words.

John Bardsley, print marketing specialist and MD of Heaton Press, talks about the value of print solutions and how, where digital is the new normal, it can make marketing stand out.


The Perception of Print

“Print is much more than just a service, or the communications equivalent of fast-food. It is an essential marketing channel that customers use differently to the internet.

“This is not an either-or situation. Effective marketing means exploring alternatives to increase your reach. Print is one of the key alternatives.”


“Print can help people make a physical and emotional connection with a brand, cutting through the competition to stand out”

John Bardsley, Heaton Press


Vinyl Revival

“Digital marketing is the new normal, even traditional, now that it is so firmly established. This means when you’re looking for alternatives to get noticed you must travel offline. That is where you will find print solutions.

“With the rise of CDs, vinyl was declared a dead format. Now, in an age where digital music is streamed and downloaded, vinyl, as a physical format, is making a comeback as a viable, desirable alternative. The lesson is, never count something out.”


Grabbing Attention and Building Loyalty

“Undoubtedly print has changed, but now it’s becoming more specialised, riding out turbulent times and emerge as a medium of choice that can make your communications distinctive. The fewer magazines delivered on the doorstep, the more opportunity there is for direct mail marketing content, and the more noticeable it will be.”


“Print focuses on customer retention, on building loyalty with something tangible. It suggests slower, more considered thought and therefore can make customers feel more valued

John Bardsley, Heaton Press


“The internet provides answers, but print can make you think of the questions.  It stimulates, provokes and excites.”


Unplugged but Receptive

“The availability of near-constant connectedness can lead to a kind of digital fatigue. People increasingly want to step back for a bit and unplug. They’re still in receiving mode, but more relaxed.

“Once you’re unplugged, print is an ideal medium to gain your attention without demanding it.”


Branding Opportunities

“Your brand counts, so when you send out documentation, it still presents a marketing opportunity. Print is perfect for branding, and branding is essential for harnessing different communication opportunities to your publicity needs.

Branding needs to be both strong and consistent. Print contributes significantly to this consistency.”


“Print can play dynamic, specialist, eye-catching role as part of an omni-channel marketing strategy. Reports of its demise aren’t just premature, they’re inaccurate”

John Bardsley, Heaton Press


“People are looking for something new, including marketers and advertisers. Offline marketing services now appear refreshingly different and offer a real alternative. What was once old is now new.”

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