Does Business Networking Improve Your Personal Brand?

Does Business Networking Improve Your Personal Brand?

Why have a personal brand at all? Because if your character embodies your brand values you can attract more business. In fact, you have a personal brand whether you want one or not. Whenever you meet other people in a business context, who you are, will be a contributing factor in how your relationship develops.

Will you be a positive or negative influence on your business? This depends on how you manage your personal brand, and how you use it. And one of the key ways of using your personal brand to grow your business is through networking.


Making Business Networking Effective

“Business networking is a marketing platform, but it’s built on personality and how people interact with one another,” observes Mubarak Chati, of 1 Events Media. “People connect over shared value. It’s not an arbitrary thing. So, finding the right means to network is essential.”

1 Events Media organises and hosts popular 1EM Networking events across the North West. Mubarak explains how these are designed to help boost local businesses in attendance.

“We all have information which can be of use to others. We have experience, and professional advice to offer,” he says. “Networking events present the ideal opportunity, in the right setting, to share these things.”

Business networking is about making a personal investment in growing a mutual exchange of value.


Personal Brand Building

Marketing yourself effectively is about creating a powerful, visible and attractive personal brand.

“It’s a continuous process of establishing an impression of yourself in the minds of others,” Mubarak points out, “You want this to be an authentic display of how you engage with others.”

If creating and establishing a personal brand is the strategic marketing objective, then networking embodies a vital tactical approach to realising these marketing plans.


“Networking is the key way of marketing your personal brand, because at its very heart, it’s to do with face to face contact, and the more you expose your personal brand, the more powerful it will become, and the more effective it can be as a means of generating new business”

Mubarak Chati, 1 Events Media


This brand building creates its own momentum, so that the more networking you do, the more you grow in confidence and the stronger your brand becomes.

“Business comes your way and opportunity finds you, rather than you always having to search for it,” Mubarak concludes. “That is the power of networking in giving your personal brand leverage.”

To find out how 1 Events Media’s networking events can generate opportunities for you, please call 01254 790 786 or visit

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