Could a Mobile App Improve How You Work?

Could a Mobile App Improve How You Work?

In 2016, eMarketer reported that the influence of the mobile app on UK consumers was more pronounced than ever. The report estimated that UK adults spent an average of two hours, 24 minutes a day with non-voice mobile activities.  The only activity topping this was traditional television.

However, this only tells part of the story of the spread of apps, and their usefulness.

Daniel Fisher, Managing Director of mobile app development specialists, Tienda Digital, talks about the rise of the app as an essential organisational tool for business.


Is Your Mobile App Better than Cool?

“There is perception that apps are, basically, cool things that are nice to have, but that they are peripheral to the really important stuff. This is not the case.”


“When you consider the huge spread in the usage of mobile devices for business purposes, then it’s only logical that the next generation of business tools should be app-based”

Daniel Fisher, Tienda Digital


“Apps are adaptable, and time-saving. You’ve already got efficient storage apps such as Evernote and the Google Drive app, but these are just one facet. The possibilities are near-limitless.”


Crucial for CRM

“There’s more to customer relationship management than lead generation. Mobile CRM apps allow a much closer involvement with the customer, across an entire organisation, interacting with essential customer data when on the move and off-site.

“Service technicians, agents in the field and others who spend a large amount of their time working remotely can all benefit from a customised mobile app to ensure a seamless service provision.”


Proactive Support

“The time-saving qualities of mobile apps for business mean that users can hone a proactive approach to customer engagement and support.

Apps allow for greater process automation and better reporting, offering greater efficiency, and improving customer service along the way.”


Perfecting Project Management

Improved data-gathering is a crucial benefit of mobile apps, bringing more transparency to projects, including live updates.

Sectors, such as construction, are now waking up to the enormous benefits of instant mobile access to essential project information, with the ability to share documents, photos and plans and update them on the go.


Improving Sales

“Your mobile app can represent a clear return on investment.”


“In helping a sales force be more effective, mobile apps contribute massively to improving sales efficiency and deliver improved results, faster”

Daniel Fisher, Tienda Digital


“This also integrates various functions, leading to a more joined-up approach when it comes to lead-to-revenue management.”


Mobile Multi-tasking

“For the busy entrepreneur on the go, apps enable easier, and accelerated, multi-tasking, making simultaneous, and varied, responsibilities much more manageable.

Apps are easy to install, and straightforward to integrate into daily, and specialised, business functions.”


There’s an App for That

“However niche your business is, and however specific your activities, there’s still likely to be a way of making you work more efficiently that is app-based.

A mobile app is a digital tool and it solves problems.  Once it is clear what the app needs to do for you, we can engineer the solution.”


To discover how mobile apps can transform the way that you work, please call Tienda Digital on 01772 393989, visit, or see how their apps have improved other businesses here.

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