How do you Create Content that People Will Trust?

How do you Create Content that People Will Trust?

How are you using content?

This is the question David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing, asked a specially invited audience of business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs, at their Business Connections event, recently held in central Manchester.

This was another in M3’s popular series of events, jointly hosted with Royal Bank of Scotland, in their Spinningfields office.

“I want to challenge my audience,” David states, “to help them discover for themselves true value of content, and how they can use it to attract customers.”


Developing a Content Strategy

“Content is many things,” David explains, “including what you say to others when business networking.”

“Being strategic about your content means looking at everything you say, in writing and in person, and joining it all up, so it works consistently,” he observes.  “At the same time, this should not feel like a strategy to your audience, but natural and spontaneous.”

“Recognise the value of content, form a strategy, then execute it using storytelling,” he says.

At the Business Connections event, it was this storytelling aspect that David stressed was vital to making content memorable, and attractive, to audiences.


“Create stories that highlight people’s pain points but end in resolutions that look forward so that the legacy is what sticks in people’s minds”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


Building Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of a successful content strategy, and building trust is what works to attract customers and brings them deeper into your business ,” explains David.


“Don’t sell to people, attract them”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


Introducing the workshop part of the event, David made it clear that stories should not include too much detail.

“Begin with the challenge your customers have faced, look at the results you’ve achieved for them, and conclude with the lasting impact you’ve made by helping them,” he summarised.

M3 Media Publishing’s formula for successful content marketing strategy is something David refers to as FACETS, an acronym encapsulating the stages of customer acquisition.


Now It’s Your Turn…

The event’s dynamic workshop session involved the business leaders sharing, and shaping, stories of their own, adhering to the structure David suggested.

“Our customers, and the other directors attending, always learn something new at the Business Connections events,” remarked Robert Taylor, Royal Bank of Scotland’s Relationship Director, when bringing the event to a close, “and David’s insights should encourage us all to use content more effectively.”

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