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Video marketing has the power to be truly effective. In a changing digital landscape, video is making its mark as a medium that can connect powerfully with audiences.

Content only succeeds if it delivers what these audiences want and video marketing can provide relevance and value while being a flexible form for online users to access.  It is projected to account for 80% of all online traffic by 2019. A third of the total time people spend online is dedicated to looking at videos.

Regardless of the device, video content performs well. This is an essential quality where mobile usage is accounting for 80% of all online traffic.

However, while video’s reach in unquestionably wide, and set to grow, the key thing that must drive it is strategy. We believe that to have the right video for your brand and business, you must ask the right questions first.

We can help define and refine those questions, and then give you the answers, using expert videography informed by a breadth of marketing experience across different disciplines, including branding, design and PR.

We will help you integrate video into your complete marketing strategy to meet your overall business objectives.

It is this decision-making and strategic capability that drives our creativity.


Pete Crouch
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