Lifting the Lid Off Linkedin: An Interview with Nigel Cliffe

Lifting the Lid Off Linkedin: An Interview with Nigel Cliffe

As a social networking site specifically for the business community, LinkedIn has enormous potential as a versatile tool with multiple functions.  However, as with much social media, many people are unsure how to get the best out of it.

Nigel Cliffe is Principal Consultant at Value Exchange, specialising in enabling a wide range of businesses and organisations to benefit from improving how they use LinkedIn to meet their objectives.

Marketing Aspects Magazine talks with Nigel about how LinkedIn can be a powerful means of engaging with others. But only if you are clear about your strategy.


Lifting the Lid off LinkedIn

“People misunderstand LinkedIn. They see it as a kind of business directory where they simply enter their details then sit back and wait for something to happen.”


“LinkedIn is an engagement tool. People need to use it proactively to realise its value”

Nigel Cliffe, Value Exchange


“Once you realise what LinkedIn’s potential is, you can figure out how to get the most out of it. It’s a platform because it provides the necessary support and setting for you to enact the strategy you’ve developed to meet your objectives.”

“The first step, then, is to become aware of this potential, to understand how it works in several different contexts.”


Perfecting Your Profile

“As a platform, LinkedIn provides its members with a clear structure to set themselves up. However, large numbers of them fall at the first hurdle when they fail to maximise their profile.”


“Without a proper profile, you’re failing to tell the complete story, and you’re impairing your ability to engage”

Nigel Cliffe, Value Exchange


“Putting this together requires a degree of deliberation and, yes, strategy.

“You wouldn’t expect to dash off something quick and vague for a CV, accompanied by a blurry photo of you on holiday, so why would you think this appropriate for your LinkedIn profile?”


Making Your Content Count

“Once you are on LinkedIn you must maintain a presence and use it to engage with others. Content gives you the means to do this. You want to highlight your areas of expertise using content.

“LinkedIn has its own publishing platform, providing an excellent opportunity to post original content on it that will be shared across the network.”


“You can also use LinkedIn to repurpose and highlight other content which you feel is appropriate to your influence and, crucially, will add value to others in your network.

Nigel Cliffe, Value Exchange


Understanding the nature of content is all part of the engagement process.”


What is Your Specialisation?

“LinkedIn is a versatile platform, but only if you make proper use of it. You’re not restricted to one type of activity, but nor do you have to take a general approach. With the right strategy, you can specialise in how you use LinkedIn for leverage.

“Use LinkedIn for lead generation and growing your sales; for promoting thought leadership and building relationships; and for improving your brand recognition. And, of course, it’s a great recruitment tool, whether you’re searching for the ideal candidate or looking for a position.”

If you are ready to start generating more opportunities using LinkedIn, please call Value Exchange on 0333 323 8275 or visit

Alternatively, Value Exchange have created a guide, Are You Sales Ready on LinkedIn? which is available as a free download, here.

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