Why is your Marketing Strategy Crucial for Business Success?

Why is your Marketing Strategy Crucial for Business Success?

Does the idea of a marketing strategy fill you with uncertainty?  Does it sound unfeasibly ambitious, requiring the sort of resources you just do not have?

Keep it in perspective.  Even when you talk about your business to someone else you are engaged in marketing activity.  And a marketing strategy is about making the most of the opportunities to do this and to communicate the benefits of your business to potential customers.


Understand Your Objectives… and Your Customers

“You should focus your marketing objectives on how best to increase your sales, win new customers and grow your brand awareness,” David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing, explains.  “These objectives are likely to involve different marketing approaches, depending on your target market.”

“This is about finding the most cost effective means to market your business and reaching your target audience,” continues David. “Customer segmentation is important here, because what works for one type of customer may not work for another, and your marketing strategy may involve you focusing on a specific target audience.”


“Any marketing strategy needs to be realistic, which means understanding where to concentrate marketing activity and who to target with it”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


Knowing your customers is crucial. What are their needs and how can you answer them with whatever you’re offering them? How does your market work?  Where do your customers normally find out about you?

Once you know your customers you can build your marketing strategy to intersect with their requirements and interests.


What’s Your Plan?

“This is about putting your strategy into action,” David says. “It’s about understanding the channels you’re going to use, and the channels your competition uses, and getting the timing right for when you communicate.”

The digital world makes it far easier, and cost effective, to reach a wider audience, but at the same time it offers a multiplicity of choices, which can cause complications.


“With things like social media, it’s possible to be very busy but not very effective.  Just because these channels appear less formal than traditional marketing channels, it doesn’t mean that using them requires any less in strategic planning”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


David’s company, M3 Media Publishing, specialises in content marketing, through strategically harnessing the power of third party recommendations and using powerful, engaging content as a means to help businesses reach their target audiences.

Marketing is more diffuse than ever before,” David concludes, “but while this is challenging it is also full of possibilities. It’s the possibilities that we successfully explore and map out on behalf of our clients.”