How Can Event Marketing Maximise Lead Generation?

How Can Event Marketing Maximise Lead Generation?

How do you attract an audience and maximise lead generation? You can use content and various forms of marketing, but for many businesses wanting to switch things up a gear, hosting an event is the next stage in the evolution of their marketing strategy.

The events industry continues to grow globally, which means making an event something that stands out is even more of a challenge.  However, the established elements endure:

  1. Find something to attract an audience to your event
  2. Make the event memorable so that it resonates
  3. Ensure you gather enough attendee data to be able to use it for follow-ups


What are the Rules for Event Marketing?

“Your attendees should be at the centre of your event,” observes Anthea Thomas, of Changing Events. “Their happiness contributes massively to the success of your event.”

“This can start at the attraction stage, by connecting with people at an individual level on social media and building up a sense of anticipation,” explains Anthea.  “Used the right way, and social media channels can create a virtual fan-base for an event before the event itself.”

Speaking at M3 Media Publishing’s recent Marketing Challenge Workshop event, Anthea has this to say, “Getting people involved is the key to making a memorable experience, such as the workshop today as part of M3’s marketing event.”

Turning attendees into participants improves their experience of the event and helps fix it in their memory.


Give people something of value at your event, more than merchandise. Provide useful insights, tips and information but do this while entertaining them to keep their attention”

Anthea Thomas, Changing Events


Anthea also suggests finding ways to connect on an individual basis within the larger event. “Encourage interactivity, look at themed campaigns. Make people feel like individuals at your event.”

“In these ways, an event can achieve significant lead generation, so long as you engage the attendees and connect with them.”


What is the Importance of Data?

For an event to work in maximising your leads, you must be able to gather the right data about your attendees.


“Whether it’s through mobile ticketing, online registration or event apps, it is vital that you know all about who you are inviting, and that you have enough data to follow up afterwards”

Anthea Thomas, Changing Events


Anthea advises using event technology to gather big data about attendees, tracking what interests them and where the heaviest traffic falls during your event.

“You want to know what works well, and what doesn’t,” Anthea concludes. “You want to be able to better shape your future events while consolidating and growing your audience of potential customers.”

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