Is Your Subconscious a Barrier to Improving Business Performance?

Is Your Subconscious a Barrier to Improving Business Performance?

We often think of doing business as performing in a role, whether that’s as a leader, an entrepreneur, a salesperson, a manager, or other. But this business performance can mask certain deep-seated beliefs and anxieties which, nonetheless, make themselves felt by blocking our progress.

These blockages may not seem, outwardly, connected with our innermost fears and worries, but it is only by uncovering and confronting them that we can properly move on in our daily working lives.

Adrian Taffinder, CEO of Subconscious Surgery, specialises in re-connecting people with their subconscious beliefs and helping them remove them. Here he talks about how the subconscious can impact on people in business.


Self-sabotage and the Subconscious Mind


“Sometimes we know we don’t feel right about something but we don’t know why this is. In business people talk a lot about gut instinct but, in fact, it can be the feelings buried inside you that are holding you back”

Adrian Taffinder, Subconscious Surgery


“You can feel that you are performing all the tasks you should be, with a focused, positive mindset, but still not achieving what you know you should be. This is because your subconscious mind is working as a counterweight to all this conscious effort you’re putting in. And until you address whatever it is in your subconscious, you will find your progress hampered or worse, blocked.”


Going Back to Go Forwards

“The things that can impede you now may have their roots in fears or anxieties you’ve otherwise suppressed. So, to help you with the present, and what you want to accomplish in the future, it can be necessary to revisit your past and discover what your subconscious has stored up from there.”


“People like to think that who they are now is different from who they were in the past, but we carry our past with us always, and things that shaped, influenced or affected us then continue to act on our behaviours and beliefs now

Adrian Taffinder, Subconscious Surgery


“The thing about the subconscious is that you’re not aware of how it’s working to disrupt you. First you need to be made aware, then you can begin to address the underlying issues affecting how you currently perform in business.”


A Practical Approach to Improving Business Performance

“Subconscious surgery works across a whole range of business areas, from leadership and management to network marketing, sales and staff engagement. This is because, no matter what your business role is, if there is something stopping you from fulfilling it, tackling the root cause is the key.”

“This is not simply some touchy-feely, soft-centred approach to how you feel.  It is a tried, tested and proven method for improving performance. It works fast and it builds people’s confidence rapidly.”

“The subconscious is a powerful thing, and ensuring that it doesn’t affect how you work requires a rigorous approach to readjusting your deep-seated thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This is the essence of Subconscious Surgery as a practical means of improving business performance.”


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