Marketing Aspects Partners Youth Marketing Strategy London

Marketing Aspects Partners Youth Marketing Strategy London

The 16–24 demographic is a valuable one. Estimates suggest that 16–24 year olds contribute over £20 billion to the UK economy ever year. They offer a route in to many different markets, including technology, fashion, entertainment and fast food.

The challenges for marketers are to reach and engage with this group.  These challenges are that drive the Youth Marketing Strategy festival, held in London (YMS19 LDN).

Marketing Aspects Magazine is pleased to announce it will be a Media Partner to organisers, Voxburner, at 2019’s festival.


Youth and Marketing

Brands need to build strong relationships with this target audience, and have the agility to sustain them,” explains David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing, who publishes Marketing Aspect Magazine.


“As content marketing specialists, with our own unique marketing platform, we know how vital it is for our clients to understand who their audience is, so it makes perfect sense for us to be involved in an event that very much focuses on the audience and its concerns and needs”

David Lomas, Marketing Aspects Magazine


Voxburner’s Youth Marketing Strategy festival provides marketers with a valuable, one-stop resource for reaching the youth demographic. 2019 will be the ninth year of the festival, and the first year for Marketing Aspects Magazine as a Media Partner.


Demystifying the Demographic

There is a widespread view that the youth market can be hard to reach, with its own shifting perceptions about what it wants, and what brands it values, but Youth Marketing Strategy London aims to demystify the 16-24 demographic.

“There will be keynote speakers and the launch of Voxburner’s Youth Trends Report for 2019. The emphasis will be on how brands can build a deeper relationship with young consumers.”

Last year’s report focused on the deeper issues young people experienced, such as anxiety, depression, loneliness and low self-esteem, and highlighted how brands might tap into new approaches that questioned outdated stereotypes.

“As experienced content marketers and publishers, we know how important it is not to underestimate your audience, or presume that it won’t change”


“Pull-marketing’s softer approach is ideal for connecting with audiences on a more meaningful level, which is one of the reasons why Youth Marketing Strategy London is a good place for Marketing Aspects Magazine to be

David Lomas, Marketing Aspects Magazine


Getting the Message and the Platform Right

Youth Marketing Strategy London highlights the importance of both the marketing message and the means of delivering it.

Marketing Aspects Magazine is concerned with all matters marketing, and with supporting marketing professionals and anyone interested or involved in marketing in getting the message and the platform right.

Youth Marketing Strategy London 2019 runs for two days, on 16 and 17 April, at the Old Truman Brewery, London.  To get your tickets for the event, please click here or visit

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