Video Marketing: Can it Create Opportunities For You?

Video Marketing: Can it Create Opportunities For You?

Mobile devices are now the main means by which people search the web. This means they are interacting differently with content.  And for content to succeed it must deliver what the audience wants, and when they want it.

Video marketing offers businesses opportunities to create and share dynamic content, which will have a direct appeal to mobile device users.


How Soon is Now?

“Online material must be relevant to what consumers and customers want, and it needs to be flexible while providing value,” points out John Paul Woffenden, Creative Director at Pixelwave Creative.

The software developer, HubSpot, has published figures suggesting video will account for 80% of all web traffic by 2019.


“Embedding videos in landing pages can lead to an 80% increase in conversion rates, and customers say that videos help them decide whether to buy or not”

John Paul Woffenden, Pixelwave Creative


No wonder then that increasing numbers of marketing companies are using video in their content.

“YouTube has seen huge growth rates in mobile video consumption,” John Paul says, “and around a third of people’s time spent online is in watching videos. Video represents the future, but that future is now, and businesses shouldn’t ignore the marketing opportunities it presents.”


What are the Benefits of Video Marketing?

Video content performs well on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

“Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly run the risk of alienating visitors, if they can be found at all on Google under its new rules,” John Paul remarks. “But video has a great reach across devices.”

Video is also good for SEO, encouraging repeat website visits and better rankings, providing it is of a sufficient relevance and quality.


“For enhancing your brand and making it memorable, video is ideal.  You can develop a persona for your business, and use it to lodge in people’s minds, promoting brand recall”

John Paul Woffenden, Pixelwave Creative


This personalisation of a brand is something video can achieve far easier, and more quickly, than other forms of content.

John Paul recently attended M3 Media Publishing’s Marketing Challenge Workshop event, held in Manchester city centre, where he said, “It was useful to be able to communicate with other businesses at the event and to help them see how marketing adds value to them,” he says. “The digital landscape is changing and video is a big part of it.”