Venue Finding: Why Is it Key For Event Success?

Venue Finding: Why Is it Key For Event Success?

An Institute of Business Travel Management (IBTM) report on hosting and holding events recorded that for 73% of respondents:

  • Location was the most significant factor
  • Second on the list, at 52%, was the venue’s quality of service.


Other studies suggest that when it comes to click-throughs during event registration processes, a large number go straight to the event map.

“Before they commit, people want to know how easy it will be to get to the event,” observes Barry McTiernay of Right Events. “In other words, as part of venue finding, you must consider its location.’

Barry is also quick to emphasise that finding the perfect space for an event means looking at the balance of various key factors.


“As in marketing, you must think of your target audience, understand who your guests will be, and that the venue will meet their expectations and reflect their tastes”

Barry McTierney, Right Events


Knowledge Comes First

Decision-making depends on having the right information about the event.  These include:

  • proposed dates
  • the number of guests and what kind of target audience they represent
  • a clear understanding of the budget involved


“It is crucial that from the start you know whether there are financial limitations,” Barry advises, “because venue finding may rely on parameters of space, technological support and catering.”

Barry emphasises that a good event planner can always plan a great event within a reasonable budget.  Similarly, proposed dates can have an impact on available locations and the numbers of likely attendees.

“Choose your date to maximise the likelihood of people being able to attend, but also think in terms of venue availability. It’s a question of getting everything aligned as perfectly as possible,” he says.


Trust and Relationships are Key

The things that make a crucial difference to event management are trust and relationships.

“Event organisers must establish the right level of trust with the client, so that they have the freedom to work effectively, and freely, on the client’s behalf,” suggests Barry.

In addition, a well-connected event planner will have built up solid relationships with a range of venues.


“There’s a certain degree of professional instinct that comes into play, where you can get a feel for which venue will be perfect for a specific event. However, completing this process means being able to negotiate effectively

Barry McTierney, Right Events


This is where relationships matter, because the stronger the connection between the planner and the venue, the better the chances of securing the perfect space, at the right price and the right time.

“Getting the venue right is crucial to an event’s success, and it means looking at location, facilities, overall appropriateness and availability,” Barry concludes. “This is why event planning and organising is a specialised task. It’s about being well connected and using these relationships to find the perfect space.

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