Toucan Telemarketing Stays Connected During the Crisis

Toucan Telemarketing Stays Connected During the Crisis

As the whole nation adapts to new and varied working patterns, one team is prepared for the changes.

Paula Bates, Managing Director at Toucan Telemarketing, has been prepared for this scenario since the business was born. Working remotely as part of their clients’ teams, Toucan Telemarketing helps acquire face-to-face meetings for sales managers.

“We don’t like to call it working from home,” says Paula. “We like to call it being a remote part of the team.”

Naturally, with the ongoing governmental changes, Paula’s team have had to adapt, and are well-positioned on how to advise others.

Be Sensitive

“It’s a very tense time at the moment,” says Paula. “You hear of people saying that they lost some, if not all, of their business over a weekend.”

“A lot of businesses’ first instinct was to lay people off before the government introduced their help schemes.”

With the nationwide tension, Paula advises an empathetic approach for all sales and marketing teams.

“We’re not going anywhere – we’re just changing our tactics,” says Paula.

“We believe strongly in maintaining that rapport with our customers, offering advice and support, and being that voice of the client.”

When it comes to communications, Paula advises changes in language.

“Everything from a more empathetic tone of voice to deleting scheduled social media posts needs to be considered,” suggests Paula. “We also need to consider how we are communicating with people at the moment.”

“Some people won’t be as receptive to phone calls right now, whether that’s due to reduced morale, adapting to the new normal, lack of access to proper equipment or the fact that they’ve been furloughed or made redundant”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing

Stay Consistent

Paula also advises that many businesses still need to carry on, regardless of the situation. She cites one client as an example, who targets country clubs with fire doors.

“Obviously, their key target market was shut, but people still needed to stay safe. They changed tack and are approaching housing associations instead. They’re also making their message accessible with webinars.”

The Toucan Telemarketing team is even looking after clients whose premises have to remain closed.

“We want all our clients to know that we’re still here for them. It’s a trying time, but we need to consider the alternatives to face-to-face conversation.”

“Only by carrying on will we emerge from this crisis stronger and, whether that’s using Zoom calls, taking government subsidies or changing our language, we must not give up”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing

“We’ll always be there for our clients through thick and thin, and we know they would do the same for theirs,” concludes Paula. “We just need to adapt and be responsive to our clients’ needs.”

Marketing Aspects Magazine appreciates Paula Bates’ contribution.