Telemarketing: Could You Master This Underrated Skill?

Telemarketing: Could You Master This Underrated Skill?

For anyone seeking a career in marketing, telemarketing might not be their top priority, but it is a frequently misunderstood marketing technique and an underrated skill.

Making calls remains an enduring means of marketing business benefits to a broad range of audiences, and it requires considerable talent and resilience.

Paula Bates, Managing Director of Toucan Telemarketing, specialists in B2B telemarketing, explains why telemarketing draws on personal qualities to work effectively, and why, as a career, it has enduring value.


Warm, Not Cold Calling

“Engaging someone on the other end of the line requires an ability to attract and to show interest at the same time. It means finding the shortest way to connect without coming across as pushy.”

Despite the terminology, cold calling in this context must be anything but, if it is to succeed.


“Cold calling suggests a certain dry, clinical element when in fact what matters is making a very human connection”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing


As such, B2B telemarketing is a marketing discipline which relies heavily on people skills to succeed.

When making the call, it means finding the means to encourage prospects to like you. It means establishing a rapport.

“Remember, not only must the caller engage the prospect, but their activity is also competing with the other communications bombarding them every day. At its best, however, telemarketing cuts through the noise to get to the heart of things.”


Making the Best Impression

Self-assurance is essential for telemarketing, because confidence goes a long way.

“You have only a few seconds to make an impression, so it’s vital that you come across as knowing what you want to say. However, this should never translate into being brash or arrogant.”

“This self-belief must also be echoed in how the caller talks about the proposition. There must be a sense of conviction around what they are talking about and the whole tone of the approach is vital.”


“You need to get across the intrinsic value of what you’re introducing, in how it stands out from the competition, and this applies just as much to making business introductions as it does selling products”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing


“A skilled caller will have a great introduction, which will create the right impact from the start. But then they must also know how to follow this, so that they say things the prospect wants to hear.”

“Effective telemarketing doesn’t mean bombarding the prospect with lots of details, but asking the right kind of questions that lead to an open conversation.”


Listening to Open Doors

A good telemarketer will be adept at listening to the person they call.

“Asking questions only works if you listen properly to the answers. Active listening is what builds a rapport. Show a level of interest in the other person, rather than attempt to single-mindedly bend them to your will.”

If a caller can show this level of interest, then it can make the prospect open up to them more, and open doors of opportunity at the same time.


“It’s not a pitch, as you work at discovering more about the prospect and put the power in their hands, while still controlling the conversation. Anyone who thinks this isn’t a highly skilled discipline isn’t doing it properly”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing


“Telemarketing has been around a lot longer than many current forms of marketing and communications,” Paula concludes, “but in a competitive, digital age, it more than holds its own as a channel that makes effective use of human communication skills.”

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