Telemarketing: Is Your Business Ready for Action?

Telemarketing: Is Your Business Ready for Action?

Are you reaching the decision makers you need to reach in order to drive your sales? Success in telemarketing depends on integrating this activity into an overall marketing strategy, so that it becomes another arm of marketing activity.

Telemarketing is not a blunt instrument.  For it to work it has to be both carefully planned and executed. The important thing is that it does work, and it can help businesses drive sales through uncertain times and against tough competition.


Trust and Credibility

“Telemarketing, as opposed to telesales, is about making appointments in order to create the right kind of business relationship that will lead to sales,” explains Paula Bates from Toucan Telemarketing.

“It is about making highly professional phone calls with a degree of conversational flexibility, because it’s about creating a dialogue,” Paula continues.


“Telemarketing has to work in conjunction with other strategic marketing activity in order to create the kind of climate that promotes receptiveness

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing


“Will the person you are calling have seen the kind of content that will improve their willingness to start a dialogue?” Paula asks. “If they’ve seen material that supports the call, they’re far more likely to be receptive to what you have to say.”


Planning Ahead

When you’re planning promotional activity, include telemarketing in your strategy. Think of when the best time to initiate this activity will be and how it relates to your other marketing tasks.

“You might be designing new sales literature, or refashioning your website,” Paula suggests, “which will then involve sending out promotional and direct marketing material. Then your telemarketing comes into play to drive your sales appointments.”

“Think in terms of a reverse chronology: understand your ultimate objective, in terms of sales volume, and work out the number of people you will need to call in order to meet your goals,” says Paula


“Telemarketing requires clear and measurable objectives to be truly effective but this should help focus activity and make your planning clear”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing


Being ready for telemarketing requires diligent preparation, an understanding of objectives, and a clear strategy where it works to complement other strands of marketing activity.

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