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Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing
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Lead generation is a skill. It involves patience and perseverance and an ability to engage with prospects.  Specialist B2B telemarketing works for lead generation because it is about building relationships.

We help companies win new business not by selling over the phone, but by making introductions. We connect businesses with prospects by developing a dialogue.

The important thing is for the prospect to feel they are having a good experience when we call. Therefore, we recruit rigorously, ensuring we have people with the right personal qualities to engage with whom they’re talking to on the other end of the line.

Many businesses lack the resources or resilience to make constant calls. We provide both as a specialisation.

Our work complements and integrates with various channels of digital and content marketing.  We provide the vital follow-up for email campaigns, landing page clicks and online sign-ups.

We can also cast a wider net to help businesses establish themselves in the marketplace, calling prospects and contacts on their behalf.

This is next-generation, professional telemarketing to help businesses develop, thrive and grow their customer-base.


Paula Bates
Toucan Telemarketing

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