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How effective is your online presence and is your website working for your business?

If you have a website, it must work as a marketing tool for your business. A website is dynamic, not static. It is a channel, not a billboard.

There are two key things here: design and functionality. You want your website to attract visitors – your target audience of prospective customers. Once you’ve attracted them, they need to find what they are looking for easily.

Websites set up dialogues with online users. They browse and they click, your site responds and encourages their deeper, more extended involvement.

Most of all, your site must serve your business objectives. For it to work for you, you must first be clear about what you want it to do, and what you want the visitors to do.

Your call-to-action might be for visitors to contact you directly, or to buy or order from you online, or to send you their details for more information.  A well-designed, professionally developed site can do all these things.

Whether it’s a marketing showcase, an information centre or a complex e-commerce site, we’ll design and build it for you.


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