Can Marketing Improve Business Originality?

Can Marketing Improve Business Originality?

What path should a business follow to grow, embrace originality and become successful? Following a blueprint for success is not straightforward, and rigidly following the rules can lead up blind alleys, or worse, off the edge of a precipice.

Tim Akerman, of Tamarind Tree Consulting, has this to say about finding an authentic path to success, “Even if you aspire to the kind of success of another company, don’t copy them. Because, what works for them may not work for you.”

Tim attended a recent Marketing Challenge Workshop event, hosted by M3 Media Publishing, held in Manchester city centre.  He can see how his approach to business is mirrored in M3’s approach to content marketing.


The Importance of Originality

The best way to create engaging content is for it to be original. There is now so much duplicated content online, that the only way to make content stand out is to take an original approach.


“In business, it makes sense to work out what you want to achieve and what principles you will follow to do this.  But if you base this on slavishly copying another company, you’re going to end up a pale imitation”

Tim Akerman, Tamarind Tree Consulting


This need for originality is also found in content marketing. Content that contains a unique point of view is content that can drive audiences to websites, to make them sit up and take notice.

It can still follow guiding principles, such as empathising with its target audience and addressing their needs; and using the right keywords and tone of voice to attract online searches. But, crucially, it should retain its own authentic voice.

“You need self-belief about what you’re doing in business,” Tim states, “and this self-belief should also come out in how you market yourself.”


Finding Clarity

“Gaining a clear perception of what your business is about is vital to finding the right route to success,” explains Tim.  “It’s a challenge to find your own way, but it’s how to make yourself stand out from the crowd and start to really grow”

This clarity should also come out in how businesses market themselves, expressed through original content.


“It’s been valuable to see my approach to improving businesses also expressed in a marketing context, because without the ability to communicate effectively with your audience, you cannot fully express your hard-won originality”

Tim Akerman, Tamarind Tree Consulting


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