Can Magic Conjure Up Increased Business Exhibition Engagement?

Can Magic Conjure Up Increased Business Exhibition Engagement?

Expos can create a real buzz because they provide excellent opportunities for networking and marketing focused on a single event, at a specific location. A business exhibition can work well for both exhibitors and attendees because they offer this unique combination of containment and openness.

“They are a one-stop shop for boosting visibility and laying the foundations for business growth,” says professional magician, David Burgess. “But they are also competitive, because each exhibitor is competing for their share of the audience’s attention, and if they get it wrong, it can be an opportunity wasted.”

Exhibitors therefore must work at engaging their audience and not just wait for people to come to them.


Conjuring up Connections

What works as an icebreaker at an expo? Speaking at a recent Business Connections event in Manchester, David Burgess recounts a problem he helped to solve.

“There was a stallholder at a business exhibition, who had experienced problems in attracting footfall,” he observes. “All the supporting material was there, on display, but something was missing.”

An expo works as a face-to-face marketing opportunity, but this shifts the weight onto the personality of the exhibitor and their ability to not only attract visitors but to make some sort of connection with them.

“What I offer is a light-hearted approach, using close-up magic to immediately engage people,” David explains. “It’s done casually, without making a big fuss, because then it disarms people, takes them by surprise, and charms them.”

On this occasion, the exhibitor hired David and immediately saw a difference in how people engaged with their expo stall and, ultimately, their business.

“I can shape my performance for a specific occasion, or to promote a service or product,” David remarks.


“For this client, I broke down the barrier between the audience and what they were offering. It was like a perpetual warm-up to attract the passing traffic at the exhibition by creating a special atmosphere”

David Burgess, Magician


The Magic Touch

There is an increasing recognition on the part of businesses and organisations that hosting corporate events and exhibitions is as much about performance as it is about the message.


“Many businesses recognise that an event must entertain to inform. This isn’t about diluting or obscuring the message, but rather keeping the audience consistently and properly engaged to make them more receptive to you

David Burgess, Magician


This means giving thought to audience involvement, to being inclusive and to finding a way to retain their interest.

“A touch of magic goes a long way,” David concludes. “Close up tricks help you make an immediate connection, and keep it.”

To discover how magic can improve engagement at your next business exhibition or event, please call David Burgess on 07539 340909.