How Can You Improve the Interest Rate of Your Lead Generation?

How Can You Improve the Interest Rate of Your Lead Generation?

Whatever the industry, lead generation is a tricky process. 61% of B2B marketers cite high-quality lead generation as their biggest challenge, whether it’s finding the right data or communicating the right message.

For Paula Bates, Managing Director at Toucan Telemarketing, it goes beyond lead generation. “Lead generation companies will promise the earth to generate hundreds of poor-quality leads.

“Anybody can generate a lead. Our aim is to take it to the next step – to generate an interest

Lead Generation Versus Appointment Setting

Paula is keen to underline the difference between lead generation and appointment-setting.

“Some business owners are fantastic face-to-face but they can’t handle the rejection of telemarketing. Our job is to secure them that face-to-face meeting”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing

So what exactly is the difference? Working strictly B2B, Toucan Telemarketing’s approach is to attract high-quality appointments with decision-makers through relationship-building.

“We don’t believe in scripted telemarketing. That’s what’s known as cheap and cheerful selling – getting anybody in off the street to read from a script.”

“Instead, we look at the message our clients are putting out there, and cast out the net to the key players they should be pursuing.”

Cutting Through the Misconceptions

With almost 20 years’ experience in telemarketing, Paula has heard her fair share of misconceptions. “People tend to think telemarketers are pushy. Certainly, we don’t give up, but we will take no for an answer.”

“Very often, people are simply too busy to take a call at that time. We ask them when a good time would be to call back. If they’re not interested, they will tell you.”

Beyond the “pushy” stereotype, Paula is also keen to emphasise their focus on data. Rather than simply calling anybody who will answer, Toucan Telemarketing makes use of a sophisticated reporting system.

“When you buy into us, not only are you buying into our data, but our skillset and our reporting system – like having your very own telemarketing team”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing

This can be anything as simple as making a note of when to call back, to detailed insights into specific industries.

Setting the Tone

Of course, there is an art to closing in on an appointment, says Paula. A few tricks she is willing to share include asking open questions, and knowing when to stop.

“Some industries can get too bogged down in technical jargon rather than the brass tacks of the matter. This can leave the listener feeling deflated.”

There are also sales cycles to consider, and a flexible attitude. “Some businesses have buying cycles and some do so when they’re quiet. It’s about being flexible enough to try anything.”

“Quite simply, if you have no flexibility, we’re not the right fit for you”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing

“You could make 100 calls a day and only speak to three or four decision-makers. It’s about having that enthusiasm every time.”

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