Are There Hidden Benefits to Content Marketing?

Are There Hidden Benefits to Content Marketing?

Some people are dubious about content and content marketing. They may not see its value because it seems too indirect and it won’t make a difference to how they sell to their customers.

Often, this is because they are too close to what they do. They see themselves quite boldly defined as a provider of a service or a product, but they may not have a clear picture of their customer.

What the right content provides is a means for them to connect with their customers, on a level where they can demonstrate an understanding of them, and by doing this, build trust.

A Recipe for Success

“There are three vital elements for success in business,” explains David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing, “these are personalisation, customer focus, and providing good value.”

“These elements these often fall, naturally, to smaller, locally-based businesses that can build up customer relationships, but can prove less easy to acquire for larger or more remote companies,” suggest David.

“In the digital age, businesses rely very much on online communication to reach customers, but getting this right, so that they can build trust, requires great content”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing

Content marketing packages up the three crucial ingredients – personalisation, customer focus and value – for digital distribution and consumption.

In short, it builds relationships.


“It is important that you build your content for the persona of the customer,” David advises.  “Personalise your content for your audience to answer their questions and address their issues and worries”

Far from being remote, digital channels are ideal for personalisation. Think of email communications and, vitally, social media.

“The successful marketing of content means making it relevant for its intended audience by looking at things from their viewpoint, understanding them and being empathic”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing

Customer Focus

Content adds value to customers because it is directed at them for them,” explains David.  “Ultimately, one of the end goals is to get the prospect to act in such a way as they become a customer.”

“To do this, don’t sell directly to them, but give them something first. Make them see you understand their pain and that you want to make things easier for them,” David continues.

Content provides insight and useful information in the form of special reports, articles and blogs, allowing you to start a dialogue with your customers, by encouraging them to give you their details in return for that valuable and relevant content.

Good Value

“Content provides excellent value to customers if approached and executed strategically. Essentially, you are giving them something in return for their interest and engagement.”

No one believes you get something for nothing, but get your content right, and your customers will think you are offering them something extra for free.

Build Relationships

“Content marketing is about the pull not the push,” David concludes. “Let your audience feel they are coming to you willingly, because of the value in the content you’re offering them.

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