Content Marketing: Can it Close the Connection Gap?

Content Marketing: Can it Close the Connection Gap?

What does one degree of separation mean in marketing terms? There can be more to marketing than pure sales, although detractors of content marketing might have it otherwise.

One criticism levelled at content marketing, sometimes by marketers themselves, is that it can fail to deliver a clear return on investment (ROI).  However, a vital point about content marketing is that it is appropriate to the digital age in general, and to social media, in particular.

“Many forms of physical sales have traditionally relied on building relationships with customers – from the man from the Pru, to the Avon lady and the friendly face at the post office counter,”  suggests David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing.  “Content marketing enables businesses to do this remotely, through digital means.”


The Power of Third Party

Another key aspect to the success of content marketing is the means of delivering it.


“While plenty of companies and organisations rely on writing and distributing their own blogs, third party content is a much more powerful means of adding authority to a voice”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


“It marks the difference in talking about yourself and others talking about you,” David explains. “Many businesses thrive on recommendations, growing their customer base in this way. Using content marketing need be no different.”

A further advantage of third party content is that it can reach unexpected places, making otherwise tangential connections more concrete.


One Degree of Separation

“We publish Property Aspects as one of our portfolio of digital magazines,” says David.  “An article, featuring Paul Giness from The Beattie Partnership, focused on the debate surrounding business rates and whether there were alternatives.

“Our analytics revealed that this article had generated interest from both the Houses of Parliament and the Irish Government,” David continues.  “Neither represented connections that The Beattie Partnership had, but both have value in terms of prestige and potential.”

“There are numerous occasions where this level of interest is generated from the content that we publish.”


Content attracts. In a world of competitive, crowded digital noise, attraction has a real potency and is a currency”

David Lomas, M3Media Publishing


Content marketing has a long reach, and it opens opportunities. Delivered through a third party mechanism, it combines elements of publicity and advertising with audience engagement and focus to build authority and make connections.

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