How Are You Influencing Your Branding?

How Are You Influencing Your Branding?

Resolutions that are truly effective are those that bring about lasting change.  For brands, there can be a renewed sense of urgency about their marketing, even it if comes down to knowing that something must alter, although the strategic details remain elusive.

Online marketing seems to offer fresh opportunities for brands, not least through social media. But social media is vast. So where to start?

What a brand shares about itself online will say something about it, even if this is not directly to do with selling its products or services.

“Just as how you furnish your home, or even the shoes you choose to wear, can say something about your personality, so a brand’s marketing works the same way, building its reputation indirectly,” explains David Lomas of M3 Media Publishing.

To this end, many brands choose others to speak for them on social media, and the growing trend is for these others to be micro-influencers.


Influencers as Storytellers

Unlike macro-influencers with large social media followings, micro-influencers have a more limited reach, but, used tactically, they can still spread the word about a brand extremely effectively.

“Brands use micro-influencers to tell their stories, through social media, so that these influencers become brand advocates at a grassroots level,” David says.  “However, businesses can achieve comparable results when featured in third party content.”


Choosing the Right Media

“The point of using influencers is that they are doing the talking, in a voice that isn’t your own,” David suggests. “So, what if you could harness this third party approach through a dedicated channel of your own choosing?”

This is all about reach, and about building a reputation.


“Micro-influencers are starting online conversations about the brands they advocate, but online publications, like those in our portfolio, can work in a similar way”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


“Imagine the impact your brand might have in a free newspaper circulating in a busy city, read by commuters on their way into work,” says David. “Not through taking out advertising space, but by being quoted extensively in a thought-provoking article.”

The same applies to online publications, providing they are right for your branding.

“Think in terms of being sector-specific,” advises David. “If you have a credible platform, then your commentary about an issue that your potential customers care about in a news story will enhance the reputation of your personal branding.”

By extension, this allows you to advocate for your own business brand without obviously doing so, within a third party setting.


“Online, people like to feel that they are the ones in control and active, not passive. They want to feel like they are doing the discovering, which is why digital marketing must involve more than selling to people directly”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


“The right third party channel allows you to influence your target audience indirectly. It’s still a strategic marketing channel, but, crucially for your audience, it doesn’t feel like one.”

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