Toucan Telemarketing Reveals the Key to Appointment Setting Success

Toucan Telemarketing Reveals the Key to Appointment Setting Success

Growth is generally considered one of the key goals for any business, from client numbers to premises and staff. However, with every new phase of growth comes new challenges, including “losing touch” with that core base of customers.

For Congleton-based, Toucan Telemarketing, that personal touch is key to their appointment-setting process. The telemarketing company goes beyond lead generation to secure face-to-face meetings.

Managing Director, Paula Bates, says her staff achieve this through being “an extension of your sales team”.

Competing With the Big Boys

“We are a team of 20 people – a back-office sales support team. We rely on talking to each other to get the job done.”

“In larger companies, messages can get lost in translation among too many divisions and levels. We want to stick with smaller businesses.”

Despite this personal approach, Toucan Telemarketing happily competes with far larger companies.

“We compete with telemarketing companies that have 500 staff, who can be up to 30% more expensive than us, but we’ll produce 50% to 80% more in appointments”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing

“Very often we have won business off our larger competitors because they have failed to achieve what their clients wanted.”

“We are not a faceless organisation”

Paula says that the biggest complaint she hears is that clients don’t know what their telemarketers are doing.

As part of the Toucan Telemarketing process, her callers regularly check in and review their processes, encouraging a shift in tactics if something’s not quite right.

“We can always change our approach. For example, if the industry we’re targeting is being targeted by their competitors, we can say we need to swap areas pretty quickly.”

With a small team of 20, Toucan Telemarketing is able to change strategies quickly without a detrimental impact. Paula considers her teams to be a helping hand when sales representatives are too busy, for example when they’re on the road.

“We are not a faceless organisation. If you’re on the road, we’ll do the calling,” says Paula.

Nurturing customers

Another facet of sales strategy is nurturing existing customers. Paula’s personal approach helps to keep existing customers happy by building relationships.

“We can help to track how many dormant accounts your sales teams are bringing back into the fold”.

“While we focus on new customer acquisition, we’re also keen to maintain those existing relationships”

Paula Bates, Toucan Telemarketing

So, with 500-strong telemarketing companies losing out to Toucan Telemarketing, is Paula looking to expand?

“We’d love to grow to a team of 30, but no bigger. While we love to work with smaller teams, our sweet spot is businesses with around five to twenty sales reps, looking after new and existing accounts all over the UK.”

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