All Points North Turns Hospitality to Digital

All Points North Turns Hospitality to Digital

As an industry that relies on the coming together of people, hospitality is one of those hit hardest by COVID-19.

With many global destinations impacted by travel restrictions, and signs of light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, what is the key to hospitality turning things around?

“The worst thing that hotels can do is stop marketing,” suggests Nick Wagg, Managing Director of corporate destination management company, All Points North.

“While it is our responsibility focus on the wellbeing of our staff, we must also ensure our prospective customers know we are there”

Nick Wagg, All Points North

“With hotel visits, trade shows and other events waning, the industry should turn on its head and focusing on digital.”

Address the Crisis Head On

“We need to look at this from a future perspective. This means planning for the long journey towards when hospitality is safe for full capacity and occupancy.”

“In the short term, we also need to ensure we’re connecting with our existing customers.”

This could include:

  • Targeted emails to regular customers and those with forthcoming bookings
  • Having a dedicated COVID-19 landing page
  • Having more additions to FAQs sections

“This is no time to turn customers away,” warns Nick. “We’ve all seen airlines mistreating those with existing bookings.

“Be as accommodating as possible and they will be more inclined to book with you in future.”

Look at Your Assets

“Once you’ve made those essential communications, it is time to review your digital presence,” Nick continues.

“Often overlooked, some simple digital marketing practices could help to ensure your hotel or attraction stays present in people’s minds throughout the pandemic.”

These include:

  • Measuring where your customers/leads come from. Install Google Analytics if you’ve not done so already
  • Refreshing the photography and copy on your website to reflect the venue as it is today
  • Revising any Google My Business listings with opening hours and other important information
  • Keeping your online review system in check, e.g. making sure you are on TripAdvisor/Google/Trustpilot etc.
  • Scheduling relevant social media content and filming videos to use in future
  • Keeping content flowing with links to industry-relevant articles, updates to events in the far future, and throwbacks to events/occasions at the venue.

Be the Voice

“Above all, you need to be the voice of your brand at this time, keeping customers assured throughout this process,” says Nick. “People need to hear kind, supportive words more than ever.”

“Whether that’s responding to social media enquiries or simply sending out positive messages, these little acts of kindness will help people remember you in the long term”

Nick Wagg, All Points North

“Now is a very troubling time for all businesses, but it’s also given us the gift of time – to review our assets and make improvements to SEO, website user experience and general brand reputation.”

“With reduced activity on day to day operations, use this time to stay proactive and engage with your customers through digital means,” Nick concludes.

Marketing Aspects Magazine thanks Nick Wagg for his contribution.

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