Social Media: How Can it Grow Your Business?

Social Media: How Can it Grow Your Business?

Social media is in danger of becoming a stock phrase, something businesses like to roll off the tongue to prove they are, somehow, in touch with their customers. Of course, it has enormous potential to help businesses grow by reaching wider audiences, but too often this potential is not fully understood or embraced.

Jowita Penkala of Uniqua Brand specialises in helping businesses integrate social media into their operations so that it works for them as an effective aid to genuine business growth. Here she shares her thoughts on how using it be an essential part of business development.


Trying it on for Size

“With social media, it’s important to get the right fit. You shouldn’t treat it as an off-the-peg product, but rather something you must tailor to suit you. It shouldn’t feel forced, but be a natural activity in line with your business objectives.”


“Simply attempting to force your marketing activity through social channels without understanding how they can work for you usually results in one of two things: either the activity is half-hearted and intermittent, and never builds momentum; or there’s too much of it and it’s a randomly-applied, unfocused mess”

Jowita Penkala, Uniqua Brand


“The danger if your activity fails, is that it leads to a lack of commitment which, in turn, contributes to a continuing inability to get positive results.  When this happens, businesses and organisations can become trapped in a cycle, which perpetuates a failure to engage properly with social media.”


Knowing Your Audience

“To make social media work for you requires a clear understanding of how it will fit in with your overall aims and objectives. How to use social media comes from knowing what you want to achieve.”

“If you want to understand how to use it,  you must first understand your own business, because your business objectives should drive your marketing activity.”

“Start with your audience. Who are you trying to engage with? Are your brand values and your identity aligned with their expectations?”


Structuring Your Success

“How does your business work, what is its structure? How your business works will largely determine how you properly integrate social media activity into it. Again, it comes down to objectives. If your business is smartly structured to work towards clear objectives, then it should follow that your activity must, fully, be a part of this.”


“Also, be clear about the personal aspects of social media. People do business with other people and engage with one another on social media. If you want your social media activity to be a success then you must personalise it.”

Jowita Penkala, Uniqua Brand


“When it comes to how your business structure can adapt for social media, think in terms of roles and responsibilities. To fulfil the promise of using it to make your business thrive, you must put people at the heart of what you do.”

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