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Video marketing - YouTube

Video Marketing: Can it Create Opportunities For You?

Mobile devices are now the main means by which people search the web. This means they are interacting differently with content.  And for...

ppc - pay per click

Pay Per Click – How Can it Work For You?

Digital Marketing is all about choices, specifically which ones to make in order to get the best results.  Effective marketing activity...

YouTube viral videos

Viral Videos: What are the Keys to Success?

For some, viral videos are the Holy Grail of social media marketing. When a video spreads through multiple shares on social media it takes...

original originality

Can Marketing Improve Business Originality?

What path should a business follow to grow, embrace originality and become successful? Following a blueprint for success is not...

Chilli banana restaurant in wilmslow

Customer Loyalty and Giving Something Back

My plan was to attend Chilli Banana‘s 20th birthday celebration, principally to write about the food.  The experience ended up...